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4th SciFY Academy: Sharing #OpenKnowledge for Sentiment Analysis!

On Wednesday, June 10th, the 4th #SciFΥacademy on “Sentiment Analysis” took place at INNOVATHENS in Technopolis. It was presented by Mr. Konstantinos Handrinos and organized by the non-profit IT company SciFY.

For the 4th consecutive month, SciFY Academy was attended by more than 80 people from different areas, such as academia, startups, and non-profit organizations. Also, students of technological and administrative schools, journalists, and advertising professionals had the opportunity to attend the two-hour presentation of Mr. Konstantinos Chandrinos and pose their questions.

More specifically, Mr. Chandrinos, CEO of i-sieve Technologies and former Researcher of NCSR Demokritos explained to the audience how computers perceive the world and how it differs from human perception. He also mentioned the interesting statistical findings sentiment analysis can lead to, for example, through “passive” polling, the computer “listens” to what people openly say about events, people, products, policies, etc.

He also explained how sentiment analysis technology can make a decisive contribution to the management of an organization’s reputation, to the improvement of products or services, to the identification and management of crises, as well as democratic processes, acting as an advisory in decision-making. Additionally, Mr. Chandrinos spoke about how computer intelligence, as seen in movies or science fiction books, is far from becoming a reality. But it isn’t far from being useful.

Finally, in the open discussion that followed, Mr. Chandrinos answered questions about the practical application of Sentiment Analysis technologies and shared examples from his personal experience.

The event was opened by Mr. Vassilis Salapatas, co-founder and General Manager of SciFY, and Mrs. Elina Makri, co-founder of Oikomedia, who presented the results of the Data Journalism Competition co-organized by SciFY and awarded the competition’s winner.

About #SciFYacademy

SciFY Academy is a series of presentations for the free diffusion of knowledge – Sharing #OpenKnowledge! It is organized by the non-profit technology innovation company SciFY and is open to all interested. The speakers come from many different fields, and the topics are drawn from one of three main interest areas: IΤ & Technology, Entrepreneurship & Business Management, and Startups & Innovation.

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