Who We Are

The team


Dr. George Giannakopoulos

Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer

Happy co-founder and Member of the Board of SciFY and an unrepentant researcher (at NCSR Demokritos). His dream: seeing SciFY surpass it to make its own way.


Vassilis Salapatas

Co-founder & Chief Financial Officer

Co-founder and Member of the Board of SciFY and proud father of two young doctors. Suffers from overproduction of ideas although he is gradually improving. When he grows up, he aspires to give a definitive answer to the question: "where are my glasses?".


Alexandros Tzoumas

Chief Technical Officer

Ιn a continuous fight with chaos and complexity. Responsible for IT processes, productivity, and establishing a harmonic, pleasant working environment.


Vassilis Giannakopoulos

Chief Marketing Officer, Marketing, Social Impact and Business Development

Working dad, trying to solve more problems than the ones he creates. He has a great time doing marketing, fundraising, and increasing SciFY’s social impact in innovative ways. Wakes up annoyingly early.


Dr. Aris Kosmopoulos

Machine Learning Expert & Principal Software Engineer

Develops software under the soothing sound of heavy metal music.. He plays with videogames and tabletop gadgets; occasionally he builds some. He also got a PhD in machine learning, hoping it would help him with gaming…


Paul Isaris

Senior Software Engineer, Scrum Master & STEM Teacher

Lives to learn something new every day, in a constant fight with a plethora of software engineering and project management roles in technology startups, EU projects, NGOs, and open-source projects. When he is not programming he teaches children and teenagers.


Despina Chalvatzi

Project Manager

She works where she chose to volunteer. What more could anyone ask for? And yet at SciFY she found the space to unfold her love for organization and creation. A classic bookworm that never stops being excited by new knowledge and opportunities for development!


Antigoni Poulou

Front-end Developer & Business Analyst

Loves structure; her mind makes connections and categorizes everything in libraries so that they make sense, sometimes only to her. She couldn’t be anything but a programmer! A journey that started in SciFY (and has nothing to do with her studies) but could only be realized here!


Anna Tsigkou

UI/UX Designer

Never without her headphones, especially when designing. Music and stories are what fuel her creativity and fantasy.


Stefanos Koutoupis

Devops & Backend Engineer

Passionate about automating and optimizing software development processes. When he is not in the office, he enjoys his free time devoted to music.


Nazeli Papadaki

Marketing Executive & event manager

Loves harmony and adores humor! She's interested in psychology because it helps her understand the world and evolve. She likes listening to people to communicate with them meaningfully. Organization and coordination are her strengths; that’s how she ascertains that the work gets done efficiently, and she feels peaceful!


Afroditi Darzenta


Not sure if she’d prefer doing translations or putting on music and do product testing, but what’s sure is that time at work flies by!


Manos C.

Principal Software Engineer / Front-end Expert

His favorite quote: “Whether it happens in a 100 years or a 1000 or a million years, eventually our Sun will grow cold and go out. When that happens, it won’t just take us. It’ll take Marilyn Monroe and Lao Tzu and Einstein and Morobuto and Buddy Holly and Aristophanes… and all of this was for nothing… unless we go to the stars.”


Stamatis Chrysikopoulos

Business Intelligence Consultant

With many years of experience in business intelligence projects, still enjoying diving into complex business processes.


Kostas Papandreou

Full Stack Software Engineer

A curious soul, always wanting to learn cool things about the world around him. Being a hopeless perfectionist, he enjoys working on projects that make his life ever so slightly more efficient. When he's not facing analysis paralysis, you'll find him laughing with friends, strumming tunes on the guitar, or simply cherishing quality time with loved ones.


Fotis Papastergiou

Product Manager

Wandering professional who entered the field of computer science out of love for it. At SciFY, he aspires to work as a product manager, focusing on the convergence of technology, society, environment and entrepreneurship with the aim of unleashing energy for the benefit of all!