Civil Society

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Innovative Social Impact

What we offer

  • SciFY helps Civil Society Organizations to:

    have free technological tools that solve everyday problems

    submit proposals for projects that utilize technology to boost the element of innovation
    increase their social impact
    develop new skills
    upgrade their resources and the services they offer through the help of technology


  • Communication & networking
  • Innovation Management & Product development Guidance
  • Gaming & gamification
  • Software & AI solutions
  • Innovative Education & Skills development
  • Fundraising support

Indicative results

  • Dozens of institutions use our free assistive technologies to provide services to people with disabilities
  • Thousands of people use our digital tools to participate in democratic processes
  • We created management tools for NGOs and we offer them under open source licences
  • We talked with Civil Society institutions and together we designed innovative tech projects, increasing our social impact
  • We organized innovative events about the environment, artificial Intelligence, disability, and many more…