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20 August 2017

A free application for people with dementia from SciFY

Smart exercises for people who forget… more or less

How can we help our loved one early when dementia starts knocking on the door? The Non-Profit Company Science For You – SciFY, with its new free application DiAnοia, proposes a solution: practical ways to help people with dementia improve their mental functions, mood, functionality, and quality of life!

DiAnοia: A new application gives effective solutions
DiAnoia is a free smartphone app for caregivers of people with mild cognitive impairment or incipient dementia. Every day, family caregivers, as well as health professionals, have an assistant who:

  1. Offers ready-to-use printable mental exercises: Exercises for Memory, Attention, Thought and Speech, and Executive Functions are available in 2 levels to adapt to everyone’s needs. They can be printed so we can use them in a familiar way for all ages: with pencil and paper.
  2. Suggests ways to spend quality time together on a daily basis: How can we spend time together pleasantly? How can we boost the self-confidence of the person with dementia? The daily suggestions of activities give us a variety of options, from which we choose the ones that suit us.
  3. Reminds us of important basic principles that should not be forgotten: What should we pay attention to? What is important when we are together? Clear, simply structured answers so that we don’t lose sight of our goal.
  4. Allows us to keep a diary of exercises: With DiAnoia, we can easily record the frequency of practice and activities. This way, we keep a useful history that we can refer to at any time.

The need
200,000 people with dementia live in Greece, and their number is increasing. They, their families, and carers are strongly affected. Everyday life is changing; the psychological and financial effects are many and often unbearable. Scientists constantly point out how important prevention and intervention in the early stages of the disease are. Non-pharmaceutical interventions such as those recommended by DiAnoia play a key role but are not widely known, especially among people living far from dementia support centers. That is why DiAnoia is a solution accessible to everyone and free of charge.

DiAnoia was developed by the Non-Profit Company Science For You – SciFY, with the scientific supervision of Alzheimer Athens. The DiAnoia project is implemented within the framework of the “Points of Support” program co-financed by the TIMA Charitable Foundation, the Ioannis S. Latsis Charitable Foundation, the Hellenic Hope charity organization, and the Bodosaki Foundation.

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