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29 December 2023

SciFY joins a project building Europe’s “AI Lighthouse”!

Great news! SciFY has partnered with 28 EU organisations in the European 28 million DeployAI project to launch the European AI-on-Demand (AIoD) Platform. Think of it as a central hub to boost Europe’s AI potential. Here’s what it does:

  • Unites the European AI community: Researchers, businesses, and anyone interested in AI can share resources and collaborate.
  • Powers industry with AI: Businesses can access cutting-edge AI tools to grow sustainably and become digitally independent.
  • Values matter: The platform upholds European values like openness, transparency, and fairness in AI development.
  • Your one-stop AI shop: Find anything you need for AI, from datasets to applications.

SciFY is proud to be part of this initiative, making AI accessible and beneficial for all of Europe. Stay tuned for updates on our website!

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