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17 October 2023

Teleperformance & SciFY: NGO Pioneers in Artificial Intelligence

Teleperformance Greece and SciFY strengthen the work of Civil Society, training NGOs in Artificial Intelligence

The “NGO Pioneers in Artificial Intelligence” program empowers NGOs to innovate with technology as an ally

With a new initiative aimed at training Civil Society institutions and maximizing their social footprint, Teleperformance Greece announces the launch of the “NGO Pioneers in Artificial Intelligence” program in collaboration with the award-winning Urban Non-Profit Company Science For You (SciFY).

In the program’s context, SciFY, with the support of Teleperformance Greece, will train NGOs active in various fields (environment, support of vulnerable groups, youth empowerment, etc.) in Artificial Intelligence through seminars and workshops. The organizations trained will be able to use the new knowledge and skills to improve their social impact.

The reason for this new venture is the ever-increasing need to utilize Artificial Intelligence tools in all sectors, both of business and social activity. Artificial Intelligence is changing our world and, for the first time in Greece, Non-Profit Organizations will have the opportunity to discover the ways in which they can use it to develop new methods of dealing with the challenges that arise every day, to adapt to the changing environment, and to evolve.

The project is expected to introduce small and large NGOs to the concept, opportunities, and limitations of Artificial Intelligence. Thus, the participants will benefit, among other things, in decision-making, documenting their positions, and better serving their beneficiaries. With this program, SciFY expands its internationally awarded project “Pioneers for Artificial Intelligence” in the field of Civil Society, aspiring to bring results in many different fields of action.

Carrying out very important work in Greece, Civil Society organizations cover a wide range of needs of Greek society, supporting approximately 88,400 jobs. Through the “NGO Pioneers in Artificial Intelligence” program, the beneficiary organizations will discover new ways to act on critical issues, such as the circulation of fake news, the safety of communication and the presence of children on the Internet, and addressing environmental and social challenges.

In his statement, Nikolas Fourtzis, Corporate Marketing, Communications & CSR Manager at Teleperformance Greece, said about the collaboration: “It is our great pleasure to collaborate with organizations like ‘Science for You’ and to support a program that aims to upgrade and develop the important activity of Civil Society organizations in Greece. Teleperformance Greece, as a leading provider of Digital Integrated Business Services, has a mission to spearhead initiatives that promote technological and digital flourishing, applying cutting-edge technologies to strengthen our society. Through this project, we will help organizations take advantage of the opportunities offered by artificial intelligence and understand the potential risks.”

Mr. Vassilis Giannakopoulos, Marketing & Social Impact Manager of SciFY, said: “Chatbots are already “conversing” with young children online. How can an NGO dealing with child protection prepare children properly?

Enormous environmental, social, and economic challenges require us to analyze big data at a very high speed to know how and where to act. What can Artificial Intelligence do?

Young people are starting to use Artificial Intelligence to do their schoolwork. What does this mean for their skills?

These are just a few of the examples that show the need for this program. Today’s challenges are complex and pressing, and require new tools to empower change agents, NGOs and their people. Thanks to the support of Teleperformance Greece, the project is becoming a reality. We expect that soon the institutions trained will surprise us with their innovations!”

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