Artificial Intelligence

Natural sciences


We use AI to boost results in Natural Sciences

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a powerful tool for Natural Sciences (Life and Physical Sciences). It is becoming increasingly evident that the cross-fertilization between disciplines results in extraordinary results.

Provided we know how to use it.

This is why:

  • We educate and help build skills in AI and NS.

    We have trained hundreds of people in “AI and Natural Sciences” at a dedicated series of open SciFY Academy training events.

    We are training STEM professionals in AI within our “Pioneers for AI in Greece” initiative.

    We have trained 50 researchers at different stages of their careers from 8 top Greek institutes/institutions in AI, in collaboration with NCSR Demokritos and SRI International. We helped teams of innovative researchers assess their ideas’ potential for going to market (project “Prometheus”).

    We educate and mentor medical students in AI and soft skills, to prepare them for the changes AI brings to their profession (Project AIIS).

    We sponsored the AI in Natural Sciences and Technology (AINST) 2020 and 2022 within the SETN Conferences.

  • We create Artificial Intelligence and IT tools to support science communication in the intersection of the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Natural Sciences.

    We have created “Thales robot”, an online tool that helps learners understand AI / Machine Learning in an interactive and fun way. “Thalis robot” has been used in many of SciFY’s AI educational activities and in other EU projects (such as the ML-MULTIMEM – Marie Curie action) with hundreds of trainees and is publicly available.

    We are building a demo (“Make-a-ZIF”) to communicate the huge potential of AI in energy consumption reduction (Marie Curie project SmartDeZIgn).

    We are working with NCSR Demokritos’ Innovation Office to create an AI-empowered tool for connecting researchers based on their expertise/interests/projects.

  • We are working to turn AI-based models and tools into open-source products.

    We are assessing related projects, models, and programs with a potential for high impact to create open-source products based on them.