Are you caring for a person with mild cognitive impairment or onset dementia?

  • Find mental exercises and activities that you can do together.
  • Find tips to care for… you, the carer.
  • Create your own material.

We created an application for the caretakers of people with mild cognitive impairment or onset dementia, and we provide it free of charge.

With DiAnoia, the caretakers can help patients improve:

  • their mental functions,
  • their mood,
  • their functionality and quality of life.

An assistant, realized by SciFY and designed with the scientific editing of the Alzheimer Athens.

Utilize it

To support people with dementia and their caretakers.

People with dementia, due to the progressive decline in their mental abilities, need appropriate care at every stage. Caretakers feel highly responsible for them. Therefore, dementia doesn’t affect only the people suffering from it but also the ones caring for them.

The tools are there: In recent years, many non-pharmaceutical interventions for people with dementia have been developed and are being used. Their goal is to empower mental functions and treat behavioral disorders. They are simple, fun exercises everyone can do with the proper guidance.

These interventions, combined with pharmaceutical treatment, help the person with dementia remain functional and maintain a satisfactory quality of life over a longer period of time.

However, these non-pharmaceutical interventions aren’t widely known. That is especially true for people who live away from support centers for people with dementia.

  • Thousands of users in Greece and Europe
  • 4 languages (Greek, English, Italian, Spanish)
  • DiAnoia Marketplace, so that the content is always enriched
  • Pilot testing in partnership with universities and support organizations in 4 European countries in the context of the European project SHAPES.
  • Over 60 press releases