Artificial Intelligence training

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Training businesses and NGOs in Artificial Intelligence.

  • Workshops
  • AI awareness
  • Strategic prioritization

Training citizens in Artificial Intelligence.

  • Professionals
  • Educators, Students, University Students
  • IT staff, Executives…
  • Over 3,500 people have been trained to date.

Utilize it

To prepare citizens and businesses for Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence changes our lives, as well as the business field, quickly and dramatically. We aim to prepare citizens and businesses so that we all contribute to this change and make our lives better.

  • Over 3,500 people trained in AI.
  • Small and big companies in Greece started innovating by utilizing AI (Joint action in collaboration with the ahedd Digital Innovation Hub of NCSR Demokritos).
  • Global distinction: The “Pioneers for AI in Greece” initiative was distinguished as one of the Top 100 innovative projects in the world using AI to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (IRCAI and UNESCO)
  • … and we keep going!