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SciFY, in collaboration with the internationally prestigious SRI International and with the support of the US Embassy in Athens, implemented the “Prometheus” program: an innovative program aimed at training researchers in Technology Transfer.

Through the “Prometheus” project, dozens of researchers from all over Greece learned:

  • how they can realize their idea, developing new products/services with serious utilization potentials,
  • how to communicate their research to the public in an understandable way,
  • the role of complex factors like Artificial Intelligence.
  • The program included workshops, online training material, mentoring from experienced mentors of international prestige, and much more!

In total, the program included:

  • Educational Technology Transfer Workshop
  • Artificial Intelligence Seminars
  • After the end of the training, selected researchers were also supported through a mentoring program where mentors from the SRI supported the Greek researcher trainees for up to 6 months.
  • Cultivation of science communication and pitching skills.

The need is clear: although there are over 40,000 Ph.D. holders in Greece (2% of university graduates, following EU trends), PhDs are not linked to innovation. Most PhD holders follow an academic career, and companies are not engaged with doctoral programs.

Therefore, the innovation produced in research centers rarely reaches the Greek business ecosystem.

“Diamonds are hidden in drawers in research institutions of our country and remain unexploited. Research whose results never reached our life when they could make it much better”, says Vassilis Giannakopoulos, Marketing and Social Impact Manager of SciFY.

“Amongst them, there could be new diagnostic tests or treatments for diseases, new materials with amazing capabilities, anything we can imagine! As well as things we can’t. The reason for that is that researchers haven’t been trained on how to make their ideas a reality or how to create products, services, and companies. How to work together to give us real innovation.”

Project I.D.

Support: US Embassy in Athens

Partners: SRI International, NCSR Demokritos, FORTH

Duration: February 2021 – September 2021

The project started in April 2021 and ended in December 2021. In its duration, 50 researchers at various stages of their careers from 8 institutions/bodies were trained, thus creating a first base in key organizations in Greece.

Α1. Basic program (Planting the seed)

  • A 3-day seminar at NCSR Demokritos (April 13th-15th)
  • A 1-day seminar at FORTH (April 19th)
  • A 2-day seminar on Technology Transfer in a world where Artificial Intelligence is flourishing (April 19th-20th). The attendees also received a copy of Dr. George Giannakopoulos’ book, “Artificial Intelligence: A subtle demystification”.
  • We created online educational material and stored it on YouTube.

Α2. Mentorship Program (Nurturing)

After the training, participants were supported through a mentorship program based on their ideas/plans. Two mentors from SRI were assigned to support the teams for 6 months.

Α3. Building skills through practice (Growing)

Trained researchers from NCSR Demokritos had the opportunity to test their skills by participating in a Science Communication event on December 15, 2021. In this event, there was also participation from a startup from FORTH in Crete.

The event attracted 46 participants. In it, 5 groups presented their projects.

In addition, 1 team (the one with the most advanced project) actively seeks potential investors, and the rest of the groups are in talks with potential end users.

The project attracted the interest of the media, with 27 articles, a radio interview, etc.

We received positive comments from the groups supported during the program.