The Moondiver Xperience

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The game

“The Moondiver Xperience” is a knowledge game in Greek available for free through Google Play for Android devices. It is mostly addressed to Junior high school children and aims to motivate interest in astronomy in a playful way.
The game utilizes beautiful graphics (by illustrator Lela Stroutsi) and evocative sound and artfully mixes fantastical and real elements to create an extraordinary atmosphere.

What do the children learn?

The game develops skills and promotes knowledge and curiosity. It helps children learn about space and our solar system (learn about the Sun and planets, and get a feel for the distances between them), understand the phases of the Moon, learn of the first as well as the modern missions to the Moon, learn about meteors and comets, and realize how unscientific theories (e.g. flat earth) are intelligently debunked.
In the puzzles, we emphasized understanding “orders of magnitude” to stimulate curiosity and admiration, not to dwell on dry detail.
The game helps them develop basic skills and calculations to drive their ship (understanding distance/engine performance relationship), etc. They understand the need for cooperation of the international scientific community.
Perhaps it also helps in making them cast their eyes to the sky with a new look, full of curiosity…

Project I.D.

The “The Moondiver Xperience” game was created by SciFY as part of the STEMpowering Youth program of the Vodafone Foundation. The Educational Non-Profit Organization SciCo – Science Communication and Ellinogermaniki Agogi contributed to its creation.