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How Interdisciplinarity and Art are Transforming the Learning Experience

One of the hottest topics in education right now is STEM Education, and for good reason. But what about Art? Can it find a place in the experiential education of students in the exact sciences? Yes. And that was the theme of the 27th SciFY Academy: “STEAM Education | How Interdisciplinarity and Art are Transforming the Learning Experience”. On Wednesday, December 19th, we bid farewell to 2018 with an enlightening SciFY Academy seminar in INNOVATHENS, where exact sciences educators and students had the opportunity to learn how Art can be integrated in a STEM Education program to complete and enhance its results.

Initially, Mr. Aris Mavromatis from the STEM Education Organization laid the foundations for our discussion, talking to us about the basic principles of STEM and how they can be included in educational programs of formal and informal education, presenting implemented actions of STEM Education. Also, Mr. Mavromatis explained to us the role of Art in these programs and proved that it is an integral part of exact sciences.

Then, Mr. Apostolos Papanikolaou from the Herakleidon Museum presented us with how we can combine exact sciences such as Mathematics with Art through applied examples. He also referred to an educational program that is already underway and is experiencing great success.

You can watch the event’s video here.

A big thank you to INNOVATHENS as well as to all of you who once again contributed to the realization of our vision for the free diffusion of knowledge!