People with Disabilities Pioneers in AI

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We train People with Disabilities (PWDs) so that they can work “training” Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems. Afterwards, the PWDs will undertake to implement a project in real conditions, in collaboration with NCSR “Demokritos”.

A very innovative way of employing them in a rapidly developing field will thus be studied for the first time!

Our goal is for them to acquire sought-after professional skills while participating in the development of AI systems. Thus, they will be able to contribute to the digital transformation of the country.

Our valuable partners in this project are the Child and Adolescent’s Center, Egkairi Paremvasi, and the PanHellenic Association for the Psychosocial Rehabilitation & Work Re-Integration (PEPSAEE).

An extremely innovative project, even by global standards!

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The program is implemented with the support of John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation and Metlen.

People with Disabilities face difficulties in finding work, with significant economic, social, and psychological effects on their lives. At the same time, the explosive development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems creates an ever-increasing need for people to “train” these systems.

So we decided to innovate and venture in new directions!

  • We will develop a training program called “Development of Annotation Skills in PWDs”, which will be addressed to PWD support agencies.
  • Eight professionals from PWD support organizations will be trained in Artificial Intelligence. [Child and Adolescent’s Center, Egkairi Paremvasi, Hellenic Association for Psychosocial Rehabilitation and Vocational Reintegration (PEPSAEE)].
  • The professionals will train 12 selected PWDs in Annotation for 3 months.
  • The trained annotators who can respond to the needs of such a project will implement it with real data from NCSR “Demokritos”.
  • This pilot action will be analyzed to shape the terms and conditions to grow the project in an effective way.
  • Professionals will explore the employment prospects of PWDs in AI projects based on the knowledge and experience gained.