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An online platform that helps NGOs securely keep the medical, social, and legal electronic files of their beneficiaries (destitute, homeless, immigrants, etc.).

Indicatively, BenFile helps NGOs to:

  • systematically record the beneficiaries and have direct access to their files (medical, legal, social) by the specially certified users,
  • utilize the system from:

    multiple locations/organizational units,

    different departments (e.g. doctor, social worker, legal service),

    offices in different locations [without the requirement of repeating bureaucratic procedures (taking history, documents, etc.), which is particularly useful given that many beneficiaries are constantly on the move (e.g. refugees).].

  • create statistical reports to analyze in depth and quantitatively the profile of the people they help, the types of problems they face, how problems were solved,
  • create reports for annual reports, etc.

With BeneFile, organizations can focus on their work and increase their efficiency.

Utilize it

  • Click on the BeneFile demo (website in Greek) to test the platform’s features.
  • The software is offered free of charge as open-source licensed software.
  • Utilize it by downloading the code from Github.

Hundreds of Non-Profit Organizations in Greece and many thousands around the world help our fellow human beings in need. They offer medical and pharmaceutical care, legal advice, psychological support, education…

To do that, they must effectively record who they help and what they do. Only if they have up-to-date medical, legal, or social files can they provide help properly without putting lives at risk and wasting resources to rewrite everything from scratch. The response must be correct and immediate.

Unfortunately, most of the time, NGOs do not have the money for a computerized system. So they use paper. Lots of paper. And people. And time. And places to store folders. And since populations often move while envelopes don’t, the problem gets bigger…

In other words, they use up valuable resources to record over and over again files of the people they care for.
Resources that could be directed where they should be: to solving the problem.

That’s why we created Benefile.

Click on the BeneFile demo (website in Greek) to test the platform’s features.

The project is complete, and version 1.0 of the platform is available to any interested organization.

It has already been used by PRAKSIS for the registration of beneficiaries, management, archiving, and effective monitoring of actions during the implementation of the Humanitarian Support program through interventions in Detention Centers to provide medical, social, and legal support to citizens of third-world countries.