We created FeIRd, a joystick-like device so that people with mobility disabilities can use everyday household devices by themselves:

  • Watch TV (change channels or adjust the volume).
  • Listen to music from the stereo.
  • Adjust the air conditioner temperature.

See FeIRd in action here

Utilize it:

We built 100 devices and have already offered them free of charge to disabled people and organizations supporting them.

To enhance the autonomy of people with limited mobility.

Switching TV channels, turning up the sound system, turning the air conditioner on…

Simple, everyday actions we don’t even think about, right?

Not exactly. Not if you have mobility problems.

Actions that are so simple and self-evident for most of us are very difficult for our fellow humans. That limits their self-service and autonomy.

That’s why we created FeIRd.

To make them feel a bit more independent.

  • We designed, built, and offered 100 FeIRd devices free of charge to people in need of them.
  • Half of those devices were offered to private individuals and the other half to organizations and hospitals all over Greece so that many of our fellow humans may be served (multiple benefits). Indicatively, we’ll mention ELEPAP (Attica, Thessaloniki, Volos, Agrinio, Chania), PIKPA, and the Hellenic Paraplegic Association.
  • For us, the greatest reward is our friends’ thank you letters. Indicatively, we’ll mention Alexandros, who is tetraplegic. Due to his condition, he can’t even use a wheelchair. Alexandros hasn’t stopped calling to thank us for “the amazing gift he received.” A gift that made his life easier and offered him something self-evident to the rest of us: the ability to move independently.
  • Another friend of ours, George, sent us the following message, “It’s helped me a lot! I can easily control the TV and other devices that work with infrared, something that has provided me with autonomy in this area.”

Project I.D.

Duration: 05/2013-03/2014 (First Edition) & 04/2014-12/2014 (Second Edition)

Funding: Self-funded (First Edition) & Elpis & Bodossaki Foundation (Second Edition)