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  • We brought together 60 experts and ordinary citizens to develop solutions about how to deal with wildfires.
  • We helped 8 ideas that took shape in a two-day hackathon and developed prototypes.
  • After a competition, we ensured that the 2 final ideas received funding and helped them fully develop.
  • 1 pilot application of the ready-to-use solutions in real-life conditions.
    In the wake of the 2008 disaster in Mati, together with SciCo, we launched the pioneering social innovation initiative Fireathon to help citizen groups work together to create solutions that can prevent and/or reduce the enormous problem of fires.

    A multi-level action in the fields of Citizen Science and Social Innovation was completed thanks to the support of Bayer Hellas, with the collaboration of scientists from many fields.
  • Application for citizens: helps them prepare an action plan for the safety of their family and home in case of fire.
  • Application for Municipalities & fire authorities: a coordination, cooperation, and communication system for the various groups acting in a fire or other natural disaster.
  • Education of citizens and professionals in the development of social innovation applications issues.