• We facilitate access for our fellow human beings with severe vision problems.

  • We created an application that allows people with visual impairments to read. With ICSee:

    The user can simply point their smartphone/tablet’s camera to what they want to take a better look at, and they see a processed, clearer image on their screen.

    In this way, they can read a small text (e.g. the check or menu at a restaurant, the charge amount on the taxi meter, the name on a doorbell).

  • How does it work? ICSee:

    processes the image/video from a smartphone/table’s camera in real-time,

    applies a series of filters, and

    projects a result that’s easier to read or identify on the screen.

  • In this way, anyone with a smartphone or tablet can have a solution to their problem free of charge.

To support people with limited vision.

Reading the menu at a restaurant or a sign or seeing which doorbell to ring are simple, everyday functions for most of us. For people with severe vision problems, they are situations that can bring them into a difficult position.

Why can’t there be a simple tool to help them?

That’s why we created ICSee.

  • Tens of thousands of downloads.

  • Available in 3 languages (Greek, English, Spanish).

  • Utilized for elderly support (SHAPES emblematic EU project).

  • People said about ICSee: “I was able to read again after three years!”

  • In the Press

    Βήμα science: “Through the eyes of technology – The ICSee free app brings light to people with severe vision problems” (article in Greek)

    PROTOTHEMA Technology: “The first free app for the visually impaired from SciFY” (article in Greek)

    In the printed version of Kathimerini, they wrote: “An app that improves limited vision.” (article in Greek)