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  • A game for everyone!

    We created a series of electronic games (Memor-i) designed for blind children and offered them free of charge.

    These games were also utilized by people with dementia and elderly with limited vision, as well as general schools.

    Dozens of educational or simply fun games are already available.

    Available in various languages.

  • Create your own game!

    Create your own Memor-i game without any programming knowledge.

  • What is the game?

    It’s the well-known memory game: find pairs of the same cards among a number of flipped cards.

    Only this time, the game is designed for the needs of people with limited vision or blindness. The cards are also auditory; the controls are designed to serve people with blindness but also others!

  • Dozens of games were created by blind children.

  • Many game tournaments between seeing and blind people.

  • International distinction.

Utilize it:

Find free Memor-i games.

Create your own Memor-i game without any programming knowledge.

Learn and have fun without limitations.

See Memor-i here.

  • To offer blind children games and opportunities to learn through playing.
  • To bring seeing and blind people closer.
  • To support people with vision problems, such as the elderly.

In 2015, we achieved something that had never been done before in Greece:

We built 3 electronic games specifically designed for blind people and offered them free of charge to thousands of eagerly awaiting children.

The response was amazing.

The children asked us to continue, and so we did.

Working with blind children and their teachers, we learned that the need for such games is great. There aren’t any quality electronic games for these children. They are being denied something basic: the right to play and to learn through playing. At the same time, they’re unfamiliar with computers and aren’t helped enough to develop important abilities in time.

The games are now also used by elderly adults and their support providers.

  • Thousands of users all over the world.

  • Dozens of games in different languages.

    ”Noah’s Ark”: the fun game that started it all.

    Music, Language, Geography, and Mythology games that support the work of educators.

  • Many games created by blind children!

  • International distinction for innovation in disability support.

  • Utilised to support people with dementia as part of the flagship European SHAPES project.

  • We share the knowledge:

    Seminars to professionals.

    Tastes to occupational therapy students.

    Presentations in conventions.

  • Testimonial from a teacher after a tournament between blind and non – blind children: “I think the benefit was that through the game, we all became the same. Two different worlds that became one: children who play.”