• Process of co-designing organizational and business models of Skill Centers.
  • Establishment of National Advisory Councils in 4 European countries with the participation of the management authorities of the European Social Fund.
  • Creation of reports about the ecosystem of social innovation from the 4 countries that participated in the project.
  • Organization of 4 national workshops for Co-designing the Skill Centers in each country.
  • Realization of pilot projects in Greece, Italy, and Slovenia.

Utilize it

  • Online Skills Development program: Watch the webinars of all 8 topics here.
  • Knowledge Depository: Inform about Social Innovation through the Depository’s 3 units:

    Definitions: What is social innovation, how does it work, and who are the interested parties involved, here.

    Toolkit: A set of tools, methodologies, and approaches in the research, implementation, and evaluation phases for the application and promotion of social innovation, in this link.

    Cases and Practices: Benchmarks for successful innovation experiences and workshops, using a participatory and collaborative process to foster social innovation (Experiences and Workshops).

  • See more of the project’s results analytically in this link.

    Comparative Report on Social Innovation in 4 European Countries.

    Social Innovation Methodologies Depository.

    Report on skills building initiatives carried out in Italy, Greece, Romania, and Slovenia.

    Report on Social Innovation best practices, case studies, and solutions.

    Social Innovation national agendas

    Social Innovation policy recommendations

Our goal is to support the EU and the European Social Fund so that:

  • Social Innovation becomes a guide for Innovation in the Public Sector,
  • Social Innovation is recognized, reconnected, and institutionalized,
  • digital Social Innovation culture is promoted,
  • Social Innovation is utilized for the development of local communities.
  • Establishment of 4 National Social Innovation Skills Centers in Greece, Italy, Romania, and Slovenia.
  • Completion of Pilot Programs in Greece, Italy, and Slovenia.
  • Impact creation from the National social innovation programs.
  • Creation of a European network of 25 National Skills Centers for Social Innovation.


This project has received financial support from the European Union Programme for Employment and Social Innovation (EaSI) (2014-2020) and the European Social Fund under Grant Agreement VP/2020/010/0139. For further information please consult: and