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  • We created Talk and Play, a system that allows people with disabilities (mobility problems and/or communication difficulties) to:

    communicate with their environment,

    spend their free time with greater independence,

    do their rehabilitation training and exercises from home with the guidance of their occupational therapist.

This way, they can communicate, listen to music, watch movies, and exercise to speed their rehabilitation.

  • Talk and Play is:

    developed in partnership with organizations that support people with disabilities,

    fully configurable,

    free of charge,

    available in 3 languages.

  • We created a free platform where all users can easily find and create content that can be used by all.

    Utilize it:

    Go to the Talk and Play Marketplace

To offer children with cerebral palsy ways to communicate, entertain themselves, and practice their skills.

Patients and people with disabilities face several difficulties in their daily lives. Some of the most common are:

  • Limited or no communication with their environment.

  • Lack of autonomy in how they spend their free time.

  • Lack of exercise in the context of occupational therapy.

There are several Assistive Technologies solutions for overcoming these difficulties. However, they usually are so expensive or complex that they aren’t accessible to patients and people with disabilities.

As a result, these people become isolated and don’t have sufficient or appropriate rehabilitation, something that affects them and their environment physically, as well as mentally.

Project I.D.

Partners: the Recovery Laboratory of the Athens Medical School (Evaggelismos Hospital), ELEPAP, K.K.P.P.A. (Social Care Centre of Attica), the Foundation KASP-Hatzipatereio, and the National Rehabilitation Center.

Duration: 05/2016-11/2018

Funding: The project was developed by SciFY with an exclusive donation from the Stavros Niarchos Foundation. (1st phase)

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement No. 857159.

  • Hundreds of downloads.
  • Reputable organizations in Greece use it.
  • We offered complete, ready-to-use solutions.

    to 3 major organizations supporting disabled people in Greece,

    24 complete systems were distributed to people who could use them in their homes (18 children and 6 adults).

  • International development: We tested it with older adults in 3 European countries (SHAPES project).
  • Dozens of publications in the press.