SciFY, together with 8 other organizations and universities:

  • developed a complete Artificial Intelligence and soft skills educational program.
  • created a collaborative and interactive learning platform where students were trained through theory and practical exercises and had the opportunity to collaborate with other students.
  • pilot-trained medical students from 4 European countries.
  • run a pilot program where the students being trained had to cooperate to address 10 medical challenges with the assistance of Artificial Intelligence.
  • They worked to bring this program to other universities in Europe.
  • From a survey we conducted among medical professors and students from 5 European countries, we found that:

    45% know nothing about Artificial Intelligence,

    84% believe that they need to further develop their soft skills.

  • European universities don’t have an educational program aimed at the needs of medical students where Artificial Intelligence is concerned.
  • See the research results on Artificial Intelligence and Soft Skills in Medicine at this link.
  • Description of educational content developed here, here, and here.
  • Tips for creating an online and collaborative learning platform at this link.
  • Real Medical Problems solved by trained medical students using AI at this link.
  • Analysis of the results and suggestions for similar training programs at this link.
  • Suggestions for educational programs that medical students could take at this link.
  • Methodology and results of the adoption of the AIIS educational program in European Universities at this link.
  • Watch the video with experiences of students who participated in the project here.


This project is funded by Erasmus+ under KeyAction 2 (KA2), Cooperation for innovation and exchange of good practices, funded by the European Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA).